Importance Of Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking, to me, is a self-aware and open-minded way of observing the world, analyzing issues and information, and communicating with others. As a growing critical thinker, I possess traits that will allow me to improve in the way I present and listen to arguments, in the way I take in information media outlets display, and in the way that I make decisions for many dilemmas. Three of my strongest traits are being honest with myself and identifying my limitations, openly accepting opposing points of view and criticism of my beliefs, and logically making conclusions from facts and reliable support. The most significant example that can tie all three was when I was a bystander to an argument between several people on animal hunting for…show more content…
Nevertheless, I respected the side that justified the sport because they also brought great support to the table, even if it went against my morals. Afterward, I took it upon myself to do more research on both sides of the issue so I can take a position for future discussions. As I read, I discovered the negative impact that animal hunting has on our environment, along with positive impact statistics, such as population control within male lions who tend to kill young species. In the end, I sided against animal hunting because I believe there are more ethical alternatives for population control. The aforementioned traits are my strongest because I have had practice using the three, and over time they have allowed me to grow as a critical thinker and create successful positions to…show more content…
My three weakest traits are lacking the awareness of my own biases, mindlessly following the opinions and principles of others (“group think”), and being easily distracted from the core of an issue. One instance where I have fallen for “group think,” was when the issue of gun control/violence began to rise late 2014. I was surrounded by people who believed that there should be a ban on guns in the United States, or at least stricter laws, because other countries who have low gun availability also have low crime/death rates. I was onboard with their stance in an instant, not bothering to research if these statistics were true because it was draining to see the constant death-by-gun news. Another example that can connect the lack of awareness of my prejudices and the lack of ability to focus on one specific issue would be when I presented an article on religion and ISIS to a religious friend. The author of the article voiced his opinion that ISIS does, in fact, represent Islam and that it is crucial for fellow Muslims to accept this negative interpretation of religion, and that the critics of religion should understand that ISIS does not represent all of Islam. When I presented the article to my Christian friend, he began the argument that Islam is a corrupt religion and that its followers are terrorists. I retaliated by stating that
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