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Throughout my educational matriculation and the eventual declaration of English being my specific realm of study in college, I have not considered myself to be a creative writer. I have progressed through modes of writing, development, and growth. From creative writing as a middle school student, to research and theory based writing as a graduate student, I have witnessed a growth in how my writing is created, organized, and executed. In the reevaluation and identification of my initial experiences with writing, I identify with my seminal experience in the context of a formal educational setting, which has played a major role in my development as a writer and a teacher of writing.
In the assessment of my introduction to and experience with
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Employing creativity in writing instruction is critical because of the increased emphasis on the development of ideas in standardized testing. Although I was introduced to creative writing in the initial sequence of writing instruction as a student, I was still taught the customary written form of a five paragraph essay; introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion referring back to the introduction. My sixth grade teacher changed my concept and believed purpose for writing, she allowed me to enjoy the methods and processes of writing and the implementation of creativity synonymously. Writing is a form of expression and a representation of self. Students should feel comfortable in a writing environment simply because they are given the opportunity to express themselves without judgment or disappointment. As an instructor of writing, creativity and imagination fuel the writing process. The student not only should have the basic knowledge of how to write, but they should also enjoy and embrace writing for its creative possibilities, thus creating a lively writer/reader…show more content…
While my sixth grade teacher informed me of the specific requirements of the essay, we were still given options and variety. We not only had to create a story, but we also had to include illustrations and dialogue. This request expanded creativity and provided another dynamic of the process; also, it allowed the writer to give voices to the characters. We were taught the fundamental elements of dialogue writing and it was reiterated through modeled examples and class exercises, nonetheless, we were forced to put it into practice, which functioned as a good assessment piece. Constantly, students are introduced to concepts that are not relevant to any other course material or life experience, the question is then asked, how can one make meaning from writing and instruction? The application of writing dialogue allowed me to utilize the methods taught, therefore, allowing me to make it meaningful to my writing experience and the overall development of my writing ability. Students should always be challenged based on their highest potential, in my instruction of writing, I think that students will learn best if the instruction is relevant and rigorous in order to create meaning and
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