Importance Of Constitutional Amendments

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No Continuous Solutions Are there any resolutions for conflicting constitutional amendments? In recent years, the first and fourteenth amendments of the United States constitution has came into conflict over the nature and purpose of the aforementioned amendments. In other words, the intentions of the first amendment is in conflict with the intentions of the fourteenth amendment, notwithstanding the first and fourteenth amendments purposes are the same, to provide rights for the People in order to live a peaceful life within our society. The first amendment of the US constitution guarantees the People the right to live in a society without laws establishing a state mandated religion, and without laws prohibiting the free exercise of any chosen…show more content…
The Supreme Court main objective is to review cases in which constitutionality is questioned. The Supreme Court opinions change in cases involving the constitutionality of the first amendment rights and fourteenth amendment rights. Case in point, Hobby lobby, the craft store chain, had a case that made it to the Supreme Court. “Hobby Lobby dealt with the right of an employer on religious grounds to deny Obamacare coverage to its employees if that coverage included contraceptive devices, which the employer deemed to be abortifacient,” according to James Zirin, the author of Does Religious Freedom Trump Other Constitutional Rights? This is Hobby Lobby’s attempt to exempt their selves from a law by claiming that providing funds for contraceptive devices infringe on their religious liberty. However, Hobby Lobby’s argument implies that their right to religion is more important than that of the females’ right to reproductive choice and equal protection under the law. This suggests there is no end to this conflict, especially since businesses now have first amendment rights. But the Supreme Court subscribed to their argument, and gave a majority opinion in favor of a company’s freedom of religion, while mitigating the fourteenth amendment. It was so ordered, Hobby Lobby does not have to participate in covering…show more content…
Hodges. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the fourteenth amendment, equal protection under the law, and prohibited state bans on same-sex marriage in the United States, in which according to dissenters of same-sex marriage, will reduce their right to religious freedoms. The change in rulings from the Hobby Lobby case to the Obergefell v. Hodges has brought an increase of intensity to this conflict between the first, and fourteenth amendments, reiterating there is no solution for the turmoil between the first and fourteenth amendments when the Supreme Court opinions wavers. According to David Savage, The Author Of Battles Over Religious Freedom Are Sure To Follow Same-Sex Marriage Ruling, “[t]he close divide among the justices almost ensures that new legal battles lie ahead. This divide reflects the inherent conflict between the first and fourteenth amendment.” The Supreme Court is trying to balance the conflict, however, with an unsuspected outcome—the Religious Freedom Restoration
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