Importance Of Conservation Of Wildlife

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Humans have always used wild animals and plants for their products, such as fruits and seeds for food, skins for clothing, wood for fires etc. Apart from its use for basic needs, wildlife has also been exploited for luxury items e.g. ornaments and fashion. At one time, when there were far fewer people on Earth and a lot more wildlife, such exploitation did not have any significant effect on the overall numbers of animals and plants. With over six billion people in the world today the situation is now very different. Today more and more wildlife is becoming extinct in the wild for various reasons such as habitat loss, pollution, human intervention, and commercial use of wildlife . All human societies use wildlife directly and/or indirectly. As a result of pressure from an ever-increasing human population, many species of animals and plants have been greatly reduced in numbers and they will not survive for much longer if we continue to kill them for luxury items. Modern technology and knowledge means that we can manufacture or find substitutes for products from endangered species: plastic for tortoiseshell or ivory, jojoba oil for whale oil, synthetic drugs for rhino horns and tiger bones. We can live very happily without leopard-skin coats, mahogany furniture, and turtle soup or pet orangutans. Humans have not utilized natural resources, including wildlife, in a responsible manner, so ecological processes cannot continue to function and sustain a diverse and healthy environment for the wildlife population.
Conservation and management of wildlife is undoubtedly a very complex issue, which encompasses a wide range of implications for local communities, tourism industries, national economies, and our world heritage. How...

... middle of paper ... a portion of the planets poorest nations, yet wealthiest in biodiversity. For these nations, fares of endangered species and consequent items speak to a noteworthy supply of outside money income. Exchange presents both a chance and a danger. A high extent of the world's populace is specifically subject to wildlife for utilization, and additionally for a wellspring of pay. From a natural angle, populace exhaustion and species elimination debilitates biodiversity. Repercussions develop past the endangered species, the same number of the creatures and plants uncovered by worldwide exchange go about as "umbrella" or "keystone" species in their individual territories. Moreover, given the multifaceted nature of environmental frameworks on the micro and macro levels, evacuation of a species from the framework may have both unforeseeable and undesirable consequence.
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