Importance Of Conformity In Society

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In society, it is natural for humans to associate with groups that share the same beliefs and or political views. We as humans find comfort in conforming to the social norm of a group or society. But, following this trend of conformity consequently causes people to blindly follow others, even if those supporting the cause do not entirely understand the true nature of the group they have associated with. This conformist behavior leads to problems between groups as conflicting beliefs created a divide in society and lead to civil unrest. Other problems include the development of a herd like society that of which follows the pack unknowing of what they are signing up for.. Although some may disagree and state that the aspect of conformity leads to peace within communities and give the example of groups banding together in order to fix an issue within society, unfortunately this does not entirely mean blindly conforming is a benefit to society. Throughout history there are many signs of people conforming to something that is not entirely understood by them.This willingness to blindly conform to a group is a detriment to society. It is human nature to do this, but this does not mean it is necessary or even beneficial to our lives. An example of this tendency to conform is politics, in our government there are two main parties the Democratic and Republican Party. These parties throughout history have had ever changing views and stances on social issues and with these changing views are the votes of the public should change with the parties. Unfortunately, due to our human nature, there is a want to associate with a certain group, although their perspective upon social matters has long changed, but because of our readiness to blindly ... ... middle of paper ... ... order within a society. In our society we must not let conformity control us and we have to make our own intelligent decisions of how we perceive the world and what our beliefs are because when we let the people conform to unruly societies it may lead to chaos and ultimately the destruction of the society itself. Conformity is embedded into our nature and bends us to into blind sheep following an equally clueless flock. The nature must be put in check as without regulation there will be dire consequences to following this trend such as division of groups within society, and threats to our rights due to political parties seeking only self gain at the cost of the public. These conformist behaviors can be detriments to society as it starves the community of creativity and free will, leading to corruption of political parties and the civil unrest within the communities.

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