Importance Of Conflict Resolution

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Conflict resolution is the integral process in social science which brings the parties to a mutual agreement. It is a process of reaching a consensus and progress the relationship between the conflicting parties. Conflict resolution is an approach to overcome the difficulties or problems of conflict. Conflict resolution comprises different method to tackling the conflict between the disputing parties. Conflict always must be considered from the angel of issue that had directed its invention to settle it.
This assures that conflict would not happen on the same issues or grounds over again. Conflict resolution includes the method of arranging conflict that may control to violence. Therefore, it is better to disperse and resolve conflict before
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Some people can feel, see, think, and believe conflict differently from other people. For instance, if some people take conflict as positive as it is not necessarily something that people meet every day. Most of the common strategy to balance conflict in everywhere is to resolve keeping “Win-Win” strategy that involves two different closest elements such as collaboration and negotiation. “Win-Win” strategy is a very positive and equal result strategy which based on the interest of the parties rather than their positions. The ‘Win-Win” method overcomes challenges and increases good problem-solving abilities. Conflict resolution itself is an umbrella word which includes some different concepts to resolve the conflict. Conflict resolution is also called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which is technically a part of conflict resolution. Conflict resolution includes basically three means to resolve conflict for instance, negotiation, mediation and…show more content…
Though, the mediators have been trusted and allowed to the political, business, cultural and academic mediation process. However, the process of mediation integration still requires deeper attention and required more actions. It is argued that conflict resolution tools, concepts, techniques, process, steps, and inclusive policies are needed to assess the overall conflict resolution integration of the conflicting parties in the resolution process.

Conflict resolution process requires a skilled mediator. A good communicator can play a role of skilled mediator who encourages the conflicting parties to talk about conflict issues and interests. To describe conflict and conflict resolution, person and team must know conflict situation and issues. Many conflicts are identified but cannot be solved skillfully. Individuals or parties feeling and express should be figured out associate with conflict situation. Emotion acknowledgement also need to be discussed, this might support to state issue, problem, impact, and relationship. Problem identification also support to determine underlying needs of the conflict parties. It clears that the objective of conflict resolution is not to say which person or party is right or wrong rather the priority is to reach an acceptable solution that every person or party can live with. Needs
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