Importance Of Confidence Is The Key To Success

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Confidence is the Key to Success
People often lose the ability to regain their self-worth and confidence after a failure. Self –confidence is the trust in a person’s thoughts and actions. Being able to regain these abilities after a letdown is important and self-rewarding. Self- confidence is one’s own ability to trust in their self and make decisions with confidences. Having faith in my ability to make my own judgements is where confidence plays a long way. Hearing the word self-confidences I often think of all the struggles that come along with it, but recovering them after a failure can take time. People often struggle with getting back their self- confidence because of the feeling of having to go through it again. I think self- confidence varies on a personal level, not everyone struggles with rebuilding confidence after failing. Everyone is different including myself there are some people that are more confident than others. I think that working towards and building up self-assurance is the key to regaining confidence again.
A time when I had to regain my self-confidence after a failure is when we were playing volleyball in our state championship game when we lost in the last semifinal. Losing this game made me feel like everything we worked so hard for was put down
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I think that in order for someone to be successful in life they have to have confidence in everything they do. Being self-confident for me is all about how I think of myself and what things I can do to be better. Confidence is something that can always be worked and built on. I believe that having confidence or not can affect how you preform and act towards different obstacles in life. Not having self-confidence affected me in the game I played and could have had a better performance if I would have believed in myself more. I think for things in the future I will try to have a better mind set and more of a positive

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