Importance Of Computer Literate

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Nowadays we are living in digital world so computer literate is very important to people who is working in firm. It is a situation in which the company is competed with each other and every company has to improve faster than other company. Some company cannot competed with other company is just because lack of people who is very well in computer literate. Also because almost every field depends on technology such as health care, government, education, science and the business world that we will facing in the future. We must have knowledge of computer literate because many things are digitalize in nowadays.

2. Computer literate
Computer literate is refers to having the skills and the knowledge to use computers competently. Comfortable with using computer software and other applications that is in computer also is in computer literate. To know how the computer functions and operates is another important part of being computer literate. Started from 2005, people having basic computer skills are considered very important assets in developed countries.

Computer literate is a very vital skill to acquire in first world and developing countries. To make companies are becoming more technology advanced, employers desire their workers to process basic computer skills. With computer, they can run their companies efficiently and cost effectively.

The life living without computer skills now is unimaginable, because the influence and essentiality of becoming computer literate individuals. People are rely much on computers on the amount of work they can accomplish.

Benefits of being Computer Literate
2.1 Computer literate helps increase productivity in the work place. People who possess computer skills make themselves more marketable. Everyo...

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...a significant digital divide in even the most technologically advanced and enabled countries, with digital haves and have-nots. Older workers who do not use the internet at home and are computer literate may be frozen out of the job market even for relatively to unskilled jobs such as clerking in auto parts store.

Computer literacy is important to college student, because computer literate helps increase productivity in the work place. People who can process computer literacy can helps to increase workers value to have promotion opportunity. With having computer literate skill can opens more doors to various opportunities to access greater resources than people who don’t have computer literacy skill. In nowadays, the world is evolve to digital world that is need speed in any workplace, and computer is the better tool for improve the speed of doing work