Importance Of Computer In Teaching

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This paper discusses how the computer as a teaching tool enhances the ways of teaching to cultivate Communication in English to the undergraduate students. Computer has no inherent wisdom, no mind of its own, no initiative and no innate ability to learn or teach. It is powerless unless the programs are done or associated linguistic material by the teacher and then gets information out of it. Computer performs with remarkable speed, exactly the instructions given to it by a man. These instructions can be typed into the computer from a keyboard or can be assembled in computer programs, which consists of series of instructions for the computer to execute. It should not be forgotten that its role in teaching is solely a teaching aid. It is unable…show more content…
It has changed the way people work and live. In fact, modern world would be incomplete without computers. Computers have a significant role in each and every field at the present scenario. Society is gradually accepting the fact that computers can change the manner in which the things are done. Computers save valuable time of the people through communication to send and receive information, to make reservation of tickets, to operate bank accounts, to pay for electricity, water and telephone bills, and insurance policies and also do online shopping, etc. Trains can be operated automatically and traffic signals are coordinated to produce best traffic patterns like increasing reliability and safety. Thus, computers provide more efficient and accurate services and save precious time and money. Even in agriculture sector, computers are used to examine the condition of soil and crops. This makes them to use the natural resources like water, fertilizers and sunlight in proper time which increases yields. In the areas of health and medicine, computers have brought a remarkable change in health services. Though computers have been using in many sectors such as the utility services, banks, railways, airlines, industries, agriculture, and hospital, etc. but the importance of computers in the education has still not been recognized. It is needed to supplement Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education in general, English language teaching in particular. Bertram Bruce believes that students should “learn technology, learn through technology, and learn about technology”. Integrating multi-capabilities of computers technology like data, text, image, graphics, animation, audio, and video in the ELT classroom enables the students to understand and learn L.S.R.W skills in a better manner. Computer-based lessons are needed to prepare in various subjects by the experts to educate the masses. They have become
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