Importance Of Competency In Nursing

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Competency is the demonstrated ability to carry out specified tasks or activities with reasonable skill and safety that adheres to the preset standard of practice in the nursing community. Being competent means having the knowledge to complete an activity or task safely and correctly. This article discusses the importance of competent nursing and increased accountability for nurses. It goes on to discuss ways to assess and document competences. It states that "excellence is defined by the customer" in regards to the increasing movement towards client satisfaction among hospitals and the public holds the practitioners, the Doctors, nurses, and all of the health care team directly responsible for…show more content…
As a nurse, it is my responsibility to remain competent in my field. I can do this by remaining up to date on the newest research and practice methods, by reading educational articles from respected publications, as well as attending continuing education classes provided by my hospital or other organizations. Another way I can remain competent is to be open minded to new ways of doing things that may be more efficient than the original way I was taught. I can also be willing to learn new skills from others and always remember that I do not know everything-there is always something that someone can teach me. Many people are very resistant to learning new methods of practice, even if it is better and more efficient. One way a nurse with 20 years experience could actually be a novice or beginner nurse is when their hospital implements a new computer charting system. After 20 years, the nurse is probably pretty set in her ways of documentation and may be fairy resistant and nervous about the change. With things changing it is important to keep up. Remaining competent and up to date on the newest research and developments can decrease the risk of liability and malpractice. For example, if a new nurse is unsure of something, they should not take it upon themselves to "wing it," they should first check with the hospital policy on the topic and then ask a more experienced nurse for
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