Importance Of Community Policing

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The police departments will need to have the majority of the community’s in which they serve behind them in order to be able to function. Especially with the latest problems with police agencies being accused of racial profiling. Community policing is such an important aspect to achieving the goal of the public backing the police agency. When you allow the public into your agency it reveals that the agency is very transparent and open for suggestions. When you have input from them, this will allow for them to help with mission statements and the values of the police department based on what the community is wanting from the department. When you have the support of the public, it helps for example, a white cop shoots a black suspect, the community…show more content…
They could possibly learn this from a citizen’s police academy if this an option for them in the city when they look at policies and procedures. This allows the public to give tips and advice that maybe the agency hasn’t looked at it in that way which could lead to a crime being solved. Having this transparency in the agency will help with the police accountability because it will tie the community with the agency and allow them to solve the problems as a whole instead of allowing the ‘Thin Blue…show more content…
But first the organization needs to be transformed into collectivist, non-patriarchal, and non-hierarchical organizations (Corsianos, 2011). Because teamwork needs to be promoted throughout community policing organizations, the organization must clear their head of identifiers for people. The organization must treat everyone equally, some the identifiers that separate people would be race, gender, beliefs and also sexual orientation (Corsianos, 2011). When you do not have this divide between the police officers and within the administration, this allows for police accountability. Once that problem has been over came, then the agency can focus upon team work with their community to help solve crimes along with getting focused on other community concerns (Corsianos, 2011). Although this change is necessary in order to work efficiently together, the police officers will still continue to be proactive and aggressive on crime control but unlike in the past it will allow for the community to have an input. With the communities input, this lets them choose or help guide the department in where they believe the city and the organization needs to put its main effuses at. An example of this would be teen drug use and abuse in the schools. The department could go and set up a program with the school, unless they have a school resource
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