Importance Of Command And Control

Introduction In this assignment, I will be discussing the following topics: what command and control is, and why it is important to the Public Services, what skills and qualities are needed to be a good commander… Command and Control - What is it? Why is it Important in the Public Services? Command and control is vital to the Uniformed Public Services and to the way they function and operate. If there were no command and control the Public Services would not have the ability to take control of situations in order for them not to get out of hand. It is important because it maintains order and helps the Public Services run smoothly and efficiently. If there is very little, poor or no command and control then already bad or dangerous situations…show more content…
Some of these are: confidence, responsibility, calmness, logic, determination and integrity. The reasons these qualities are important for being a good commander are described below: Confidence – To have confidence is a vital quality. The reason being is that in the Army, for example, you work in teams, meaning you as a commander would be the leader of a team. In a team, members look up to and rely on their leader. This means that you, as their leader, need to be confident in your own judgements and decision-making. Responsibility – To be responsible is important when being a commander because as you progress up the ranks, for example, going from a team member to a team leader or from a private to a lance corporal, your responsibilities intensify. You must be able to have responsibility over your job otherwise it can represent yourself as untrustworthy and lazy as well as many other negative appearances. For example, if you delegate someone else to hold some of your responsibility, so a task of yours to complete, and they do not complete that task to the set standards, then you are responsible for how that person completed the task. If there is no responsibility in a commander then, that commander puts their team members in danger. However, if you are responsible, then it enables your team members to trust and count on you. They would also obey your orders more without
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