Importance Of Christmas Eve Day In My Family

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In my family, Christmas Eve is a time for food, gifts, and laughter. My family, in particular my mom and myself, spend hours in the kitchen on both Christmas Eve day, as well as the day before, preparing traditional French dishes. Typically, Christmas Eve is held at my mother’s house, which is packed to the rafters with the kids coming home for the holidays. My mother’s extended side of the family are normally invited, as well as my mother’s closest friends. Which of my mother’s friends are invited depends on how generous my mother is feeling (Crowther 2013:165). We observe a large Christmas Eve meal due to my maternal grandparents’ adamant Catholicism, in which practising Catholics take part in calendar-based feasts coinciding with significant religions events (ibid:155). We normally eat our Christmas Eve dinner at a rather early 4pm so the young kids can get to bed at a reasonable hour after opening presents. Our Christmas meal centres around two main French dishes: tourtière and bouillabaisse. Tourtière, which is my personal…show more content…
The dress code for Christmas Eve is semi-casual, or similar to what one would wear to a moderately priced restaurant. The adults eat dinner in the dining room, whereas the kids are made to eat at the kitchen table. We do not have a formal or traditional seating plan, though typically one of my grandparents sit at the head of the table. For Christmas Eve dinner, my mom will bring out the “fancy” plates and the good glassware, although we do not lay out any extra dishes such as bread plates or salad plates. After everyone sits down, my grandmother will say grace, and then we will begin passing food around, starting with bread. We pass each dish around the table, except for the main dishes, which someone will dish out individually. There is no particular arrangement of food either on the table or on each person’s
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