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CHINESE CUISINE “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” - George Bernard Shaw Food is a major part of every Chinese person. Their food symbolizes harmony and close relationships with family. One of the main elements of Chinese food is its freshness. The Chinese undertake the task of going to a store everyday with the intention buying fresh food. Chinese people concentrate more on the food’s texture, flavour, colour and aroma rather than on its nutrition value. (Lin, 2000). Chinese meal comprises of four food strata: vegetables, grains, fruits and meat. Traditional Chinese cooking does not involve deep food frying. It has been introduced recently with the idea of promoting business and to incorporate western tastes. Chinese cuisine…show more content…
Rice is one of the staple foods for the farming areas in Southern China. Steamed rice is a common form of rice and is one of the most popular foods in China and is present in various dishes. Noodles are present in most of the dishes. It varies in size, shapes and textures and is most commonly eaten with rice. Till date a lot of families still use their hands to knead the dough to prepare noodles as it instils a form of feeling amongst them. The longer the noodles, the more it signifies long life. (Hwang, 2004) The other staple foods are soybeans, wheat, vegetables and herbs and…show more content…
(Cook, 2002). Despite being close nations, both cuisines have some differences too. Chinese cuisine consists of two main components, that is, carbohydrate sources and starch. On the other hand, Indian food is as diverse as its culture. (Comparison Between Indian And Chinese Culture Cultural Studies Essay, 2013). The primary utensil used in Chinese culture for cooking is chopsticks for solid food and spoons for soups whereas in India people generally use their hands for eating. Indian food has developed on the basis of its two prominent religions: Hinduism and

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