Importance Of Childbirth And Baby Care Class Pamphlet

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Childbirth and Baby Care Class Pamphlet Raising children as a teenage mother is a tough thing to do. No teenager wants to have a child at early age unless they are forced by circumstances beyond their control. My niece had her first child, when she was sixteen and it was extremely difficult for her, to raise her child, without her parents support. In addition to that she was also attend a pregnancy and childcare education provided to her by a local based child support center. Because of the two main reasons, I indicated above she was able to pass through pregnancy, successfully to raise her child. Getting basic education about pregnancy and newborn childcare is very important, particularly for first time mothers. Helena prefers to stay in…show more content…
Having her own doctor, and make regular visits, are very important for her, because prenatal care is useful, for pregnant woman. She needs to take adequate folic acid, as ordered by her doctor. The folic acid intake should not exceed (400 to 800 mcg or0.4 to 0.8 mg) daily. Taking folic acid, with vitamins, helps to lower risk of birth defects. For a pregnant woman eating from major food groups are vital for the healthy development of the child. ( Kail & Cavanaugh, 2014).Pregnant woman need to eat, different kind of healthy foods including, fruits, and vegetables. Specially, foods rich in calcium, such as whole grain, lean meats, and seafood. Increasing daily fluid intake is necessary, particularly drinking sufficient water. The other area which pregnant woman needs to be active is doing physical activity, which helps to maintain balanced body weight during pregnancy. Getting enough sleep, washing hands frequently and, avoiding stress, is crucial. In addition to what I already mentioned above, taking necessary flu shot is always useful for pregnant woman. Avoid smoking, and quit if they are smoking. Because, smoking is not good during pregnancy, and also it can harm the health

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