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Childhood is the initial phase of an individual. It is the most significant phase as childhood things could affect a person's attitude development as their minds are free. Therefore more care and nurturance is to be taken in this phase of life and for a healthy childhood. The responsibility of parents, physical health, child protection and play plays a significant part. All children deserve equal rights to grow up in a safe and sound environment where their potentialities as citizen are achieved. Being a child, they cannot speak up for their own rights and needs. They cannot participate in policy making for them. But by assuring child rights and proper policy implementation, they can contribute largely to the society’s progress.
Owing to that, India is a party to the UN declaration on the Rights of the Child 1959. Accordingly, National Policy on Children in 1974 was implemented. The policy re-establishes the constitutional provisions for providing needed services to children, through the period of growth to take care of their full physical, mental and social development.
The UN Convention on Child Rights has also been ratified by the Government of India on 11 December, 1992. When a country ratifies a UN convention it becomes a law within its territory. The CRC is the most complete statement of child rights that has been ever made. It enables to treat children as complete individuals, rather than as elements in an economic or socio – political system. The main intend of the convention is to create a balance between the rights of children and those of the parents or the adults responsible for their survival, protection, and development.
India has signed the World Declaration on the Survival, Protection and Development of Children. T...

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... system. As construction labourers, often they change the construction sites as a result of which their children are left out of regular schools. They have to spend most of their waking hours without the care and attention of their parents or any adults. The young are brought up by the young. Five year olds take care of their infant brother or sister and do household chores. No school or non- formal education is available for them. (Brinda, 2000)
There are many daily wage workers in Birbhum district, West Bengal, who have migrated with their children, and even some of them have been staying there from more than two-three generations. Many children of these labourers are deprived of their basic education. Sometimes even if they want to continue their education in a newly inhabited place but it becomes very difficult for them due to various reasons. (Ekka & Roy, 2013)

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