Importance Of Challenges In Life

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We all face challenges, failure and accomplishments in life. These challenges, failure and accomplishments I’ve faced made me who I am today. Challenges are tasks that test the human ability. Some people view challenges as negative or too difficult but I view challenges as an opportunity to achieve success. Failure is the lack of success. Some view failure as weak or painful but I view failure as a learning experience. Failing is something everyone goes through in life. An accomplishment is the success of achieving a task. An accomplishment is what builds the self-esteem. As a child I still faced challenges, failure and accomplishment. Throughout elementary school I struggled with my grades. My parents always tried to work with me to become a better student. I had to spend more time on school work then the other kids. I would get so frustrated not being able to my math homework or spelling. I knew I had to study to get my grades up. My mom would always say, “You can’t give up.” This challenge I faced as a child made me become a better student and realize that school was important no matter what grade I was in. Not all challenges I faced were successful. School wasn’t always successful for me. I had a goal to get all A’s when I was younger to make my parents happy. I failed to do this. I was upset I…show more content…
I felt that I had failed myself by not being prepared for the test. I was so mad at myself but I knew that I should’ve practiced more. A week later I got to take the test and I passed. I failed but then I accomplished my goal. Later I failed my parents. I was being a careless driver when I rear-ended the car in front of me. My dad would always lecture me on how dangerous driving could be and that I should always pay attention. I felt that I had failed him when I hit the car in front of me. Failure not only disappoints yourself but the others around you. Accomplishments make me forget about these
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