Importance Of Cash And Profit In Business

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1 Introduction
The shareholders of Event Planners Ltd; a business specialised in planning events such as birthdays, weddings, etc., are disturbed regarding the unprofitable state of the business and the cash flow problem the business faces in recent times. This report discusses the importance of cash and profit for business survival, outlines how the problem of cash flow arises, effects of cash flow problems for the business, and identifies methods for dealing with cash flow problems. It gathered and applied information from several sources such as academic articles, reports, and documents, assumed to be credible enough for the discussions.
2 Importance of Cash and Profit
Both cash and profit are essential for business growth and survival.
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Therefore, the amount of profit obtained is somewhat arbitrary. However, cash flow is an objective measure of cash and it is not subjected to a personal criterion. Net cash flow is the difference between cash inflows and cash outflows; that is, the cash received into the business and cash paid out of the business (Fernández, 2006). Whereas, net profit is the figure obtained after expenses or cost of resources used by the business is deducted from revenues generated from the business operations activities. Nonetheless, the figure for revenue and cash are not entirely cash, some of the items may be sold on credit and some of the expenses are not paid up…show more content…
Therefore, the company looses cash, which could aid further business operations. Increase numbers of creditors - countless businesses acquire credit to operate, however, too much credit can become a problem for a business, especially, if it also offers credit to customers. This is because you’re ability to pay your credit is dependent on whether your debtors pay you in due time. Therefore, in case they don’t, the business will surface cash flow problems. Over-financing – excessive borrowing to finance your business can result in higher interest rates and tougher repayment schedules and this can lead to cash flow challenges. Over-trading – when a business sells over and above its capability on credit, it results to loans or overdrafts to finance the transactions. If the customers do not pay on time, cash flow problem occurs. Over-investment – often times, a company may be tempted to utilise available cash for investment; purchase vehicles, machinery, premises, and other assets. Too much investment in assets and failure to budget for the future can cause a business to run out of cash and consequently, fail to finance

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