Importance Of Canadian Federalism

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This study will define the importance of the cultural institution of Canadian federalism and the political leadership of Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau during the late 1960s. Under PM Trudeau’s leadership, the Quiet Revolution failed to break apart Canadian federalism due to the unifying cultural aspects of language that he promoted through the Official Languages Act of 1969. Trudeau was a loyal Quebecker in terms of political power, yet he chose to unite Quebec and Ottawa in unity through a mutual respect for Anglophile and Francophile interests. Language was the primary barrier to national identity in Canada, which provide a political platform for PM Trudeau to implement a multicultural political solution to declare English and French…show more content…
However, by the mid-20th century, the fight for equal cultural rights in Quebec has become a major political issue. In the 1960s, the Quiet Revolution, led by Jean Lesage, became a nationalist political movement to separate Quebec from the federal government in Ottawa by forming a new nation state. In this type of cultural divided federalist system, the Quebeckers sought to unit Cana through the majority rule of Francophile interests in in the regional government. For example, a major philosopher in the Quiet Revolution, Georges-Emile Lapalme defines the context of language inequality that Quebeckers sought to resolve by forming their own nation…show more content…
The Canadian Charter was a foundation for Trudeau’s political maneuvering to make the French language part of a national discussion on equality in Canadian life. The dominance of the Anglophile traditions and language rights were considered to be far more elevated in terms of social standing and political rights. In this manner, Trudeau was able to generate a Quebecker resistance to this dominant form of oppression through language, which became the premise for the Official Languages Act of

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