Importance Of Business Process Management

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The importance of the business process management to organizations

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Basic Introduction

With the increasing development of the world’s economy, more and more people are becoming richer than before, and some of them choose to set up firms to make profits, earn money and even achieve their dreams. However, not all of the business can be some successful companies like Apple Inc., IBM and Google, because of that some small enterprises do need some professional ways to develop themselves, for instance, business management' class='brand-secondary'>process management, BPM is a concept that helps business to do well in the management fields. As the majority of the companies cannot meet their full potential because of the inefficient business process within the company, throughout different departments and the companies. Business process management is a practice in the operation management focusing on improving a company’s performance by managing and optimizing
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Besides, BPM is committed to the integration of the three pillars of an enterprise architecture - people, processes and information - into a single management and discipline to manage, control, and dominate innovation (Scheer & Nüttgens, 2000). One of the values of BPM is its ability and commitment to exploration, design, deployment, interaction, operation, optimization and analysis of complex, long-life, multi-company business processes. BPM is also the trade process to IT infrastructure, which provides a platform for the implementation of part of their identity and application design cycle. All in all, BPM’s goal is to develop and achieve a constant value generation cycle, the value of which is enhanced by the continuing process, and strive to maintain competitive advantage and dominance. in almost all
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