Importance Of Body Cameras

There are various situations where one or many people are accused of committing a certain crime. Ideally, the crime is then reported to the officer who proceeds to arrest the accused. However, sometimes different scenarios play out and one who may think they are in the right may be wrong. Because of these different instances, police officers should wear body cameras in order to capture what happens when he or she makes an arrest. This is due are recent events where criminals and police officers have been accused of something by the other party that they may have not actually done. A variety of law enforcement now use body cameras to avoid these accusations. Body cameras can provide equal protection, assurance that procedures are followed and…show more content…
Although we see a suspect as a bad person, they are still human and have rights. Police officers have a set of rights called Maranda Rights. They read these rights aloud while arresting the accused suspect. For example, if a police officer does not follow the appropriate procedures, it is possible that he or she could lose their job or even get a fellow officer or the suspect injured, or worse, killed Procedures also must be followed to uphold the law. Many organizations, like schools and businesses, have an order of processes they follow. Usually, if a system does not have any type of order or procedures, the system will not operate properly. It is critical that police officers follow rules. The next move an officer makes could mean life or death. Another example is that officers must use certain measures when dealing with potential suspects that may do harm to others or themselves. If the officer does not handle the situation in an orderly manner, it could have terrible effects on the community. The public would feel better knowing that procedures are being done correctly within the
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