Importance Of Biology In Biology

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"Until we recognize the essential role of biology, our attempts to truly unify the universe will remain a train to nowhere." - Robert Lanza. This quote shows the importance of how much biology has on our lives. Understanding biology unlocks tons of information about our lives and the world around us. Biology is in everything we do. We don 't notice it, but it 's a very big part of our life. It gives us a better understanding of our life and to see how beautiful this world is. Biology is always in shows and movies that we watch. One example is a movie called Good Burger. It 's about an old fast food joint that is trying to not go out of business since a new burger joint down the street called Mondo burger was created. This relates to biology…show more content…
You don 't need to be a scientist to understand the problems GMOs brings. It has slowly become more than just a scientific issue and becoming a global problem. Like I said earlier Genetically modified organisms is more than a science topic. With the topic GMOs international trade has made it global. With international trading some countries are trying to push forward and others are not. Studies have proven that Asians countries have agriculture has risen since the GMOs trade. Other countries are having fights over regulation. It has caused problems and breakthroughs. The health of humans is also at risk. GMOs have to be human healthy cleared before trade, but some countries don 't want to use the creation of labels." Food labels are an essential source of information for consumers to enable them to have effective control and choice over what they eat whether it is for health, safety, religious, or ethical reasons (CSPI International). The United States and Canada do not require labels on GMOs. People want and need to know what 's in their foods and this was a great idea. The mystery of what we are eating is big. " 64 countries with over 40% of the world 's population have already labeled" (Label GMOs). Much of the world is on the right track, but not everybody has the same
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