Importance Of Being Self-Centred

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Did you know that 2 in every 3 youths today are self-centred? In this essay, I will address this issue and also write about how youths can be made to care less about themselves. Not forgetting, for this essay, being self-centred will be defined as being selfishly concerned solely with one's own desires, needs, as well as interests, lacking empathy for others. Why are more youths of this generation self-centered? There are several reasons for this being so, one of them being an increasing exposure and use of media for example, violent video games as well as movies. These violent media may influence their audiences to be more aggressive as well as less empathetic towards others, making them more selfish when interacting with…show more content…
We went to an orphanage in Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia to entertain the kids there. I got to see the environment the orphans lived in, the place was rather dirty prior to the cleaning some of us did and the kitchen looked like it was left unattended for ages. They had no phones, no laptops or televisions, only simple board games and instruments to entertain them yet, the orphans still seemed rather satisfied with what they have. I was also pleased and surprisingly stress free while interacting with the orphans there, playing games like our very own version of “musical chairs” and also, Jenga which made me think, maybe less is more: a simpler lifestyle would allow us to experience more happiness. This trip made me realise how fortunate I was to live my life and it made me more thankful for what I have. I realised that I took a lot of things for granted like my electronic devices, the air conditioning in my house and also my relatively huge, comfortable bed. Through this volunteering exercise, I have learnt to appreciate what I have more and ask for things less. Since I am more accepting of not always getting what I want after the volunteering trip, I would say that volunteering to help the less fortunate will influence us to care less about ourselves and more about
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