Importance Of Being Ernest Literary Analysis

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The Literature, Importance of Being Ernest, by Fiona Gregory, is complete reflection of the nature of marriage and social life during the Victorian age. It has helped accept and appreciate that different people have different cultural observations. It based on the theatrical play, The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde. The storyline presents the life of a Jack, who lives a double life. He is Jack Worthing in the village and Ernest Worthing in the city. He is in pursuit of his fiancé, Gwendoline, who loves him solely because he is called Ernest (Gregory 18). However, their marriage cannot take place because Lady Bracknell, Gwendoline's mother, does not approve Jack as a suitable suitor. She insists her daughter's suitor must be a young…show more content…
It is important to note that Oscar Wilde uses different stylistic elements such as satire, irony, melodrama, and satire to develop an intriguing play. These concepts are still present today, though in more advanced settings. You will find them in movies, books, and media systems. This shows that culture whether in art or real-life settings is an inextricable part of the social life (Rothstein-Fisch and Elise 2). Although parental dictatorship on who to marry whom does not exist today, the cultural art of theatrical acting has helped me understand that marriage was indeed a complicated institution in the 19th century. In conclusion, understanding culture requires acceptance, in-depth reading, and travelling. Through the present literature, I have learned that culture is a dynamic domain that adjusts itself to generation changes (Parvis 91). In the Victorian age, social class determined one's lifestyle. Parents chose whom their daughters and sons would marry. However, such insinuations have since faded away. People can marry people from different tribes, races and religions. Most importantly, understanding such culture differences and changes requires one to accept that people are different, and it is okay to
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