Importance Of Being A Social Worker

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What is it so special about being a social worker that specializes in child welfare? The reason that it is special is that social worker specializes in child welfare help solve family issues or prevent issues from becoming worse. Becoming worse not having money for medical bill and not have enough money to buy enough food for the entire family. This is the reason that community needs social worker to help peoples with family affairs. Social workers that specialize in child welfare have an area of social work practice, organization, a role, primary population, key informant, and employment opportunities. The area of social work practice is child welfare that involve of social worker trying to help children that need to have everything that they…show more content…
For instance the role of being a social worker is asking question with the family about their life like for the living condition that the family live in and does the family having any financial issues like the medical bill or have enough money to afford enough food for the entire family to eat. Social worker always need to be careful with asking question that could cause clients to overreact with their emotion and social worker try to ask question or give opinion to the clients based on their personal emotion that cause the clients to overreact with their emotion that could make the situation worse. For example the responsibility of being social worker is not ask question or make opinion and suggestion based on personal emotion like if the clients is a women that got raped by a man and social worker also had experience of being raped as a women then suggest the clients to killed the man that rape her. Hopefully social worker in Social Worker Child Welfare center will make sure that social worker will not ask question or do anything based on personal emotion and make sure that social worker is properly doing their
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