Importance Of Behavior In The Classroom

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Behavior is one of the biggest challenges teachers will face, especially in inclusive classrooms. There are many techniques and strategies to help the teacher support all of his/her students to help guarantee a successful classroom.
The most effective way to deal with difficult behavior is to prevent it. Teachers expend great deal of energy into controlling and eliminating problematic behaviors. A Positive Behavior Support system can create an environment that minimizes the need for punishment and/or negative consequences. The foundation of a Positive Behavior Support system is made of rules and procedures. It also includes some type of positive reward system such as token systems, lottery systems, and/or school-wide recognition, but truly effective behavior management depends on reinforcing the behavior you, the teacher, want to see.
Classroom rules are part of the foundation of classroom management. Successful rules are few in number, written in a positive way, and cover all kinds of situations. There should be only 3 to 6 rules, and one of them needs to be a general compliance rul...
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