Importance Of Becoming An Advanced Practice Nurse

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Becoming an advanced practice nurse has been a goal of mine since attending nursing school. Being surrounded by Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS), Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Educators, and Nurse Administrators gave me the inspiration and drive to continue my education as a Parent-Child CNS. As a practicing bedside registered nurse, I want to fulfill my desire to develop on a personal and professional level. Advancing my education can provide me the opportunity to become an expert in my profession by gaining more knowledge and skills to educate patients, families, and the healthcare team. Advanced Education According to Kozub, Brown, & Ecoff (2016), a CNS “blends leadership and advanced clinical practice to improve patient care, nursing practice, and organizational outcomes” (p. 145). To be a successful CNS requires clinical knowledge and skills, leadership skills, effective communication, and to influence change (Kozub, et. al., 2016). Earning this degree requires consistency and determination and will require goals to achieve this. Short-term goals I have determined for myself is to accomplish my courses for this semester with knowing I have contributed my…show more content…
My aspirations are to ultimately become an educator in the clinical setting. My main goal is to support and educate patients, families, and the healthcare team. I was greatly influenced by my colleagues, who consist of a CNS and Nurse Educator. They are very knowledgeable advanced practice nurses who I believe will help guide and assist me throughout my journey. Working alongside them, I have found that they are reliable and well-informed resources. After gaining some years of experience as a Registered Nurse and a CNS, I would like to share what I learned to future nursing students in a higher education

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