Importance Of Barriers To Learning

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Barriers to learning are things that make learning difficult. There are many different kinds of barriers that are present in schools as well other learning environments such as ABET. When it comes to learning environments there are two forms such as internal barriers of the learners (these the learner faces inside) and external ones. Since there are many barriers in learning I shall only discuss four that I feel are common barriers in ABET, such as:
 Social and Economic barriers  Barriers caused by education institutions  Physiological barriers
 Barriers caused by attitudes, beliefs and perceptions

Social and Economic barriers: Effective learning is influenced
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When a learning environment is too noisy, overcrowded to the point the learners feel uncomfortable or the climate affects the venue, the learners won’t be able to learn it will cause a block. Another problem is not having relevant and interesting courses or the resources for the courses. Inadequate facilities are facilities that aren’t suitable because they either cannot support the learners, are not safe and clean or because there is no way for learners to get to the venues due to no transport. When venues are too far or the learners do not have sufficient funds to pay for transport they don’t end up attending classes.

The learning centre can try to get the community to help overcome these barriers by providing other suitable venues by asking the church, clinic or even ask for a safe part of a factory to help host classes for the learners that is easily accessible with transport or in walking distance. If the classes are still too noisy and overcrowded then the teacher can split the classes in two. The teacher will also have to try to make the courses that the learners
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A learner might have a fear of being humiliated or fear being too old to learn. The fear of being humiliated can come from the perception that learners who ask too many questions or questions that are easy to answer will mean they are incompetent. The fear of being too old to learn could come from the learner’s attitude and perception from their peers. Gender discrimination is an important cultural belief and it is a notable barrier. Gender refers to what a particular society considers to be characteristics of, or appropriate to men or women. In Africa it’s common for a choice to be made between sending a boy or a girl to school if the family has insufficient funds and most times the boy will usually be given precedence. However men face barriers as well, such as being pulled out of school to start working to provide an income for his
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