Importance Of Barriers To Academic Success

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Barriers Conflicting My Academic Success Recognizing challenges is important for academic success and beyond, identifying a barrier can help prepare strategies for the future and a better outcome in academics or a certain goal. The purpose of identifying barriers is for me to come up with strategies before it affects me academically. According to Dr. Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard University, suggests that "all human beings have at least eight different types of intelligence" pg. 60 (Your LSC Experience) are as the following. A verbal/linguistic learner, a logical/ mathematical learner, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic learner. I myself fall under the intrapersonal or solitary style. The intrapersonal/solitary style is a learner who likes to work alone, and is more introspected and independent. Also, they concentrate better and is aware of their thinking. A learning style barrier I encountered with is called an interpersonal learner/Social what is it? Well is feeling more comfortable learning and being surrounded by others. For example, working in groups, interacting in groups and understanding people. This Social barrier is significant because communication with other people is essential. Communication is used and "facilitates the spread of knowledge and information among people" stated in ( as well as making a positive impact on a work environment and leadership. It is the foundation of human relationships which is important to all of us and can be important in the career field I am going into, which is being a nurse anesthetist. I will have to establish a trust and good relationship with patients. Meaning it will involve lots of communication I myself am a sol... ... middle of paper ... ...ith whatever possible failure it is that we fear, our gut can calm down enough to let us move forward which thinking the worst-case scenario all the way to the end can be a strategy. Fear of failure leads to procrastination and a strategy I found in pg. 32. Ch 2.1 Is "create a to do list check off items as you get them done use the list to focus on the things that aren't getting done" because without decision making different managerial function such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling it could make decision making more complicated and lead to procrastination. With finding strategies for barriers that can affect my academic success like taking the time and thinking through the decision before rushing and interacting with other people to learn and discuss ideas for a better social skill can benefit me in the long run and can be successful academically.
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