Importance Of Attending College

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I have fantasized about college my entire life. Although I used to think college was just school for adults, I soon came to understand that going to college meant starting a new life, and bringing my dreams with me. To understand who I am, you first have to know where I came from. Both of my parents immigrated to America from poor cities in Ethiopia to live the American dream. After coming to America my father worked diligently to receive a bachelors degree in engineering. Growing up, Mom always took care of my sister and I, while Dad came home late from work to help with school work, mainly math and science, so that I would excel in class. I remember long mornings after dropping my sister off at her middle school, that I would do math exercises…show more content…
Not just because my parents are constantly saying so, but because I want it for myself. Going to Leland High School was the best way to achieve this goal, however it has not been easy. School life at Leland can be very stressful due to the homework load, AP courses, SAT prep, speech and debate, and the college application process. On top of all these activities, my passion for track and field has made things even more tedious because daily practices are two hours, taking time away from my studies. I had to sacrifice sleep on many occasions, but would gladly do so again because of all of the enjoyable memories that I have collected on the track team. After all the excruciatingly hard work-outs, constantly storing hurdles, starting blocks and high jump pits in the shed, and always being the last to leave the track, I was finally made the track and field team captain. When I am at track all my problems simply melt away and it brings a remarkable serenity to the cluster of school life. In college I hope to do certain extracurricular activities that can bring the same tranquility I experience during track. My environment has also played a large role in shaping my character. A challenge some think I have is Leland 's student body, since only 1% of the students are Black. It may seem as if I were lonely, but I have made friends with people of different ethnicities at Leland. Living in San Jose has made a strong influence on my tolerance

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