Importance Of Attachment Theory For Children

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Introduction This essay is about importance of attachment theories for babies and young children. The assignment will touches definition of attachment, background of mostly seen theories also studies about it and long-term consequences of poor or leak of attachment on children’s development. Then why attachment is important for children. What is attachment- definition and theories. Attachment has been defined as relationship, emotional bond, secure and warm between baby and caregiver mostly mother. (Flood,2013). Baby is born with innate which mean that the baby born with need to bond/attachment naturally through first interaction with primary caregiver, usually mother and this is happen through first touch, skin to skin contact. This is known…show more content…
As states one of academic journal (Attachment and psychosocial functioning 2014), is states that John Bowlby believed that attachment is developed by babies smile, cry or clinging and these help the baby to survival, he also believed that attachment is just one universal for everybody and devised four stages of attachment. Pre-attachment (0-2 moths), attachment-in-the-making (2-6 months), clear-cut-attachment (6months- 3 – 4 years) and goal-corrected partnership. Bowlby’s theory states also about internal working model which mean that attachment with primary caregiver is lead to child’s development for example if mother isn’t warm, respond and doesn’t shows love, then this will has an impact on the child’s self-esteem, child will be unable to develop relationships with peers, even will develops depression. Bowlby’s journey about attachment has been start with children who were hospitalised and separated from their parents. His study opened his eyes how negative this situation was for the children. He believed that base of attachment from born is essential and if does not occur it brings negative consequences such as depression, aggression and affectionless

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