Importance Of Attachment

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Attachment would be an emotional connection among either the girlfriend and boyfriend, or the child and the caregiver that takes care of the child. Adults can have different attachment styles such as secure, anxious, fearful, and dismissive. Different styles of attachment affect different things such as how well our relationships will go and how will they end. Me and my boyfriend would fall into the secure attachment style as adults in today’s society. We are both in a loving relationship and in our relationship we have built trust, love, and commitment to one another. We seem happy in our relationship that we are in. Me and my boyfriend have things in common such as going to the movies, playing sports, going on different adventurous, and eating out.…show more content…
It seems like we are both loyal, honest, and would tell each other everything and don’t keep things from each other. We are able to resolve our problems that occur fairly easy with no negativity. I would say we both have a positive view on our self and the relationship. It was important how we were able to secure attachment as an adult and in our childhood experience. We both had positive support throughout childhood which let to both good and bad experiences. I enjoy intimate relationships and my boyfriend does too. We tend to be warm, trusting, and hopefully we will have a long lasting relationship. It is important how we let each other know what we are feeling and we share our feeling with our close friends. I am known for having high self-esteem and I don’t experience much anxiety. It would be a great feeling for being in love. We wouldn’t treat each other bad. Me and my boyfriend Mark would share similar interest in different social situations and show affection among each other in our relationship that we are in. Me and my boyfriend Mark are a happy couple every time we are around each
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