Importance Of Athletic Training

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I first became interested in athletic training during my freshman year of high school when I tore my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). My athletic trainer was extremely helpful and comforting when this happened. Then, I was able to work with him through the rehabilitation process. Through all of this, my interest in sports medicine sparked and I began to consider athletic training as a profession. During the rest of my high school career, I learned about athletic training through first and second hand experiences. I had a couple more injuries where I was able to work with the school's athletic trainer and got the chance to understand what athletic training actually entails. Also, with being on various sports teams, I had several teammates…show more content…
I gained a great deal of insight, not just as a potential athletic trainer, but as an athlete and learned how some athletes may respond to injuries differently than others. It even made me more relatable to athletes because I have a better understanding of what is going through their minds. Then, during my freshman year of undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity to observe athletic training tasks at Anderson University and was able to take some introductory level athletic training classes. I also had the chance to work under a few certified athletic trainers as a first aid responder at a cheerleading competition in Orlando during my spring break sophomore year. These experiences, along with my love of sports, further verified my interest in athletic training. I have held several part-time jobs during my college career, including working as a desk receptionist at our campus workout facilities, working at a paper printing factory, and coaching soccer for a local club team. Also, I was a student athlete for three years, which some consider to be a job in and of itself.…show more content…
I have always prided myself in working hard and doing extra tasks when I am not asked, and I would continue this philosophy during graduate school. Also, I have had the chance to work with a variety of populations during my athletic training experiences including at a Division I institute. Although this was only for the summer, I was able to talk with many of the certified athletic trainers who worked there to understand their every day responsibilities and some of the behind the scenes administrative tasks they perform. These experiences prove I am always looking for more ways to improve my clinical skills and increase my knowledge. I believe I am a person who is willing to learn, with an open mind, from various people, and then can determine the best way, for me, of how to do something. Overall, I am a positive, compassionate, and determined person. I believe I will excel at the University of South Carolina because of my work ethic and ability to form relationships with the athletes and my future
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