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The Importance of the Arts to A young Generation The word “Art” comes from Latin artist who wrote poetry or music, after so many years it started to be added to painting and sculptures as well, an arts education doesn’t just give the kids freedom to express themselves, there is actually so much more that we don’t see. Recent studies have proven that art in education helps a young mind learn to function. PBS has recently done a study emphasizing the use of scissors to build up dexterity [Lynch]. Through an art education kids are developing good motor skills, language skills, leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, confidence, motivation, and most of all how to persevere in the face of a challenge. The arts is to create something new and unique to the world, maybe to help better understand something unknown or different; it’s bringing new and old things back to life or painting…show more content…
They also help them get a sense of identity and confidence which could help someone do something great with their life, that confidence could very well be the thing that changes his/hers future. A lot of people struggle when it comes to perseverance, trying to get over that hard obstacle life throws in your way that’s another reason why an Arts Education is so important. Through taking arts students develop an ability to persist in the face of a challenge and to turn the obstacles into opportunities. A recent longitudinal (method in which data is gathered for the same subject repeatedly over a period of time) study of 25,000 secondary school students and realized that those with a higher involvement in an arts program scored higher on a measure of persistence [American Education

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