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The Acceptance and Understanding of Anime. “What? You like anime? What are you a f*cking weeaboo?” if you have lived as a student in early 21st century, you must of that insult in one ways or another. It's used as a rude remark directed towards a particular group of people often ridiculed for being passionate about a specific medium that came from a different culture, looked down and despised, and categorized with old untrue stereotypes, but in the end, no one truly understood the recipient’s passion or the topic behind those hateful words. Today I will be here to express my love and gratitude for this medium, but most importantly to broaden your knowledge and to end discrimination with understanding and acceptance. Because anime is more than just cute girls with huge eyes doing dumb things, but a medium that dreams, connect and filled with undying passion. I believe that the first steps of integration come with acceptance and with acceptance comes understanding, or vice versa. Anime in the western world is often seen as generic, perverted, and uncreative, but when you genuinely…show more content…
The vague thread that sews the framework of Anime together, the intangible emotions that resonate with our very being lays in these 'stupid cartoons,' and the thin filaments that bring an entire community together. However, when we express our love and passion for these moments in Anime that we hold so very dear, we are often ridiculed, laughed at, or avoided for believing in silly cartoons. But in all honesty that's just it; we wanted to escape from our cruel reality, we wanted to experience the emotions that we cannot touch when the span of our arms, we wanted to connect with someone or something instead of hearing cruel words from a fellow human being. In the end, that's just it; anime never had the magic of the Disney movies, they are just personally tales that reaches and connects without

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