Importance Of Animal Companions

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Tabatha Gormley
Lauren Palek
English 122:015
April 16, 2014
The significance of animal companions has been explored for many years, but has it been truly utilized? This research paper will explore this question through analyzing numerous studies done regarding the benefits and negative impacts an animal companion can have on a human’s life. The paper initially opens with a first-hand account of how animals can positively affect someone’s life, before it briefly proves animals were seen as companions throughout history. It will then investigate how animals evolved in the human eye to become more than just a companion, and all the numerous ways society utilizes these benefits. On the opposing end in this paper I will also discuss the controversy of the studies’ supporting evidence, as well as the negative impacts of a strong human-animal bond. The overall goal of this paper is to prove animal companions benefit humans on various health, social, and psychological levels.

Final Paper
Ever since I can remember animals have been the biggest interest in my life. One of my first memories as a child is of my first dog, Magic. He was a black lab with just a spot of white on his chest, and the biggest head (especially to a 4 year old). I remember coming home one day and Magic had somehow gotten the screen door open. Running at me full speed, the massive lab knocked me down on the ground. Although I was startled and pain rushed through my head, I couldn't stop laughing as Magic licked my face and whimpered with excitement. I can't be certain this first memory of unconditional love sparked my passion for animals, but I do know from then on coming home to my pets was the absolute best part of my day. And boy did I have pets: dogs, cats, guinea...

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... animals can tremendously improve the health of their owner and may thus contribute to significantly lower health expenditures in our country.

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This short article found in the magazine “Prevention” focuses on the numerous healing powers your animal can give you, claiming the bond you develop with a pet translates into health benefits through giving you a sense of purpose and belonging. The article proves these benefits through explaining how pets decrease blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones, while boosting feel good hormones which establish love and comfort. They reference numerous studies including one at the State University of New York at Buffalo, University of British Columbia, and the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease.