Importance Of Agape

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In the large and diverse religion that is Christianity, there is one thing that holds true throughout every sect. This is the belief in the importance of love, or agape, and for good reason. Agape is the love of God by humans, God’s love for humans, and also love between humans. This love is key to nearly every part of Christianity. Agape is the most important doctrine of Christianity because it is the root of all other beliefs in Christianity, such as salvation and the covenant, and is heavily emphasized in the Bible.
Before jumping into just why agape is the most central belief, it is important to define some key terms that will be used later on. The first, and most essential, is agape itself. Agape describes the love that all Christians
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Agape is developed more particularly in the New Testament, as a part of Jesus Christ’s teachings. Nearly all of Jesus’ life, right up until the very end, was spent talking of the importance of agape. In the Bible, Jesus says Christians only need two things: love for God and love for others. In turn, most of Jesus’ messages to his followers surround love. For example, Jesus affirms the importance of agape when he preaches the message of “loving your neighbor as yourself,” something that is known as the “Golden Rule” of Christianity. Agape is also emphasized when Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan. This is today one of the most well-known Biblical stories by Christians. This is no surprise, considering that it is told to emphasize the importance of brotherly love between everyone. And as Jesus’ final act of agape, he died on the cross for Christian’s sins. This is considered by many to be the paramount act of agape because it shows the love between God and his people. However, the Scripture does not only emphasize agape in the New Testament. It is also mentioned over and over in the Old Testament, notably in the 10 Commandments. The 10 Commandments are a set of 10 laws written in the Bible for all Christians to follow. All ten of these laws, even though they may not all explicitly state it, circle back to the clear theme of agape. Some examples include, “honor…show more content…
However, this view is clearly flawed. The most obvious reason is that love does not flow entirely from God. Agape is not only divine love for humans but also love amongst humans and humans’ love for God. If there were only to be God’s love for humans, the religion would be very weak. God is simply a part of Christianity, along with his followers, the scripture, and more. All of these parts are tied together by the doctrine of agape. Agape, not simply God, is the key belief of Christianity because of
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