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As a high school student, I was always committed to both academics and athletics. They went hand-in-hand for me. I have been a student-athlete my entire life and I think that it has helped me become a stronger student. It showed me how to manage my time as well as become more efficient and focused both while studying and at practice. Being able to manage both showed me my academic potential. At this program, there were no grades, and each student took two intensive classes, one of their choice and the required course of writing workshop. In this six-week program, I learned how much potential I had as a student. Since there were no grades, my classmates and I were able to take more risks academically, by voicing our opinions in class discussions and trying to find our “voice” while doing assignments for writing workshop. This program taught me how to succeed in the classroom and made me a more confident student. The Advanced Studies Program is my favorite academic accomplishment. Once I graduated from the program I felt that I had grown as a student and was able to look at my classes in a different lens, as well as realized what I…show more content…
I was aware that I struggle with concentration tasks since I do not usually study in the same place. I also feel that it has always taken me longer to grasp the material, hence why my memory score was low. My stronger areas were textbook reading, time management, and note taking. These have always been strengths of mine because taking my time during note-taking and readings helps me feel more prepared for class. I could improve on these areas by making it a point to review my lecture notes right after class so that I can better understand remember the information that was discussed. I could also make it a point to try to improve on my concentration skills by having a set study area and plan before I start studying for the

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