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There are quite a few reasons as to why it is that I am interested in the MFA, Acting program at TFT. These reasons as far apart as they may seem to others, to me, intertwine immensely. The first reason that has drawn my interest is the fact that I have a very minimal background in the craft of acting. I know that I would be able to gain the needed foundation and what I lack from the Acting program at TFT. Although I do not have an in-depth foundation within the craft, I know that the experience that I do have well help me be able to excel even further within the program and establish the foundation and the knowledge that I desire to possess and establish the career in the arts that I have long dreamed and desired. Along with the fact that I know that this program would give me an even better foundation to establish a career as an actor, another reason I have found myself interested in the program at TFT is the importance of education to myself. I have always felt that education is an important aspect in life and feel have set educational goals for myself. One being to obtain my Master’s Degree in the field that I desire. One finally…show more content…
There is something about the craft of acting, including portraying different characters, acting out different stories, and connecting with the audience that allows for actors, including myself, to realize that they are not the only person that has gone through or may be going through numerous events, emotions, or had to handle various situations. The multiple scripts that I have been able to be a part of and bring to life thus far, have allowed me to not only gain this insight but have allowed for me to work through and understand the passion and vulnerability that it takes to continue in this
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