Importance Of Accountability And Responsibility

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(2) Accountability and Responsibility-

Accountability is another key element of good governance. The right to information empowers the people of the country to hold the government accountable and responsible for its acts, decisions and consequences of such decisions and seek information and explanation about the same. Information is power and Right to Information Act gives such power to the common people to bring accountability and transparency in the administration. However, accountability cannot be achieved without transparency and rule of law.

Under section 4(1)(d) of the Act , every public authority is required ‘to provide reasons for its administrative or quasi-judicial decisions to the ‘affected persons’, which leaves no scope for
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Lack of legal right to know and to scrutinize the public action or to question the authority contributed to inefficiency, ineffectiveness and corruption resulting in lower outcomes of public activities. With empowered citizens and free flow of information, there is significant quantitative and qualitative improvement in the delivery of services. The disclosure of the list of beneficiaries for income support like wage employment and subsidized food grains and subsidized services like domestic gas has helped in weeding out fictitious names, resulting in better targeting of services to the poor, reduction in corruption due to checks on black -marketing of subsidized goods and services. This has begun to happen with salutary effects on delivery of socioeconomic services, particularly for the…show more content…
2) Protection of rights of the poor people entitled to get the benefit of food security from the government under the Public Distribution System (PDS) which was being and leaked and items were being sold to other people at higher prices, such corruption was checked when people started making use of RTI to seek such details as the stock of supplies and distribution, rate lists, list of beneficiaries - the disclosure of which ensures weeding out of fictitious names and the whereabouts of the items that they were entitled to get but have not
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