Importance Of Academic Literature On Entrepreneurship

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The Journey Thus Far and What Lies Ahead What art we to speaketh of? This essay aims to examine the academic literature on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. It will then proceed to articulate any associations or inconsistencies between the definitions established from literature and the real world examples of entrepreneurs which will encompass individuals running small businesses in counties to founders that are now in-charge of multi-million/billion dollar operations. Subsequently, by employing reflective thinking, this essay will recollect and review the teachings of this course thus far. The takeaways from the teachings will then be applied to the real world practice of entrepreneurship and the quantitative and or qualitative impacts of the lessons learned will be observed. Established knowledge will then be put in comparison with future career prospects to analyse and shed light upon gaps in knowledge. Academia, what hast thou to tell us?…show more content…
Not all entrepreneurs create ventures deliberately by seeking out opportunities, some resort to it as a means of survival in the face of unforeseen and unfavourable circumstances. Farmer turned entrepreneur Mark Edwards is the archetype of one such personality. After taking a huge hit in meat prices due to competitor Tesco and reduced demand for his product, he was forced to innovate in order to afford a living, which is when he came up with the idea of Farmer Ted’s Farm Park. Although, the reasons for building Farmer Ted’s may not be in complete accordance with literature, the traits expressed by Mark Edwards in the process of creating his venture embody many of the universal characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Adaptability, creativity, passion, grit and courage are only a few of the plethora of traits that Mark encompasses within
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