Importance Of ARM Architecture

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My experience with ARM architecture, Embedded Flash Storage and Linux Kernel in Qualcomm drives me to investigate in broad areas of computer architecture spanning from digital circuits to high-level operating systems. Numerous theoretical approaches and practical solutions are proposed by both industry and academia to address problems with scalability, performance, power consumption, reliability, and security in contemporary compute systems, yet plethora of opportunities still exists to embrace extreme ends of the spectrum - embedded systems to enterprise servers. In my graduate studies, I would like to explore in these problems to get a “big picture” of the discipline and focus on the internal details of each problem and how they are being addressed in the academic environment.

Contrary to conventional design, computing is no longer adhered to integrated chip; it crosses over the boundary and reaches out to cloud. This evolution of Mobile Computing poses stringent constraints on power consumption in both hand-held mobile devices and cloud infrastructure. In addition, other challeng...
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