Importance Of A Time Capsule

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A time capsule is an object that people put representations of how life was during that particular time period and is left for the discovery for the people in the future. It can be anything from a vault that is sealed underground to anything as little as small shoe box in an attic. A time capsule could hold anything inside as well. Something as simple as a newspaper could be inside of a time capsule. SInce modern society is continuously evolving, certain things should be put in a time capsule for future generations to look back and see how much has changed and whether or not it is a good change. CLOTHING would be one of the ten things that would be in a time capsule to show the future generations how fashion is currently viewed and to compare it to how it…show more content…
It is important to add music because it helps shape society in ways nothing else can. Will today’s music be more calm or energetic compared to the future? A FOOTBALL would also be included in the time capsule to show how important the sport is for majority of the country. It would be interesting to see if society still finds it as entertaining as it was generations beforehand. PAINTINGS would be an excellent choice in things to include in a time capsule. Throughout centuries art has changed in forms such as perspective and it would be incredible to see what we portrayed as art and how well the painting was executed. CELL PHONES would be important to include to show the differences in technology and to see the progression made throughout the years. A GAS RECEIPT will be included to show how much gas prices were and that we still used gas. Maybe in the future gasoline is no longer used and a new environmental source has been created. POPULAR MOVIES should be inside of the time capsule as well to review the digital graphics being used and how realistic we seem to think they are. Many older movies have what we perceive as “horrible quality” when in the time period it was created in was the
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