Implications of the Obsession with Looks in today's Youth

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Today’s young generation are concerned with their looks and the trendy fashion in the market. Fashion has become part of the youth and intern it affects people’s lives. This generation wears their best in accessories and clothing with the aim of being accepted or acknowledged in their peer groupings. This teen’s fashion has the pattern of changing by just a drop of a hat. What is popular yesterday could be considered unfashionable today. This kind of shift and concerns in the youth appearance has attracted to concerns among the elder population who are not comfortable with the youth trendy style (Conger, 1991). To be able to understand the reasons why teens are much concerned with their look, one needs to understand the factors that drive trendy look among the teens population. The appearance of the young generation will keep on changing depending on the trendy look of that moment. Main Essay The young generation gives much attention to their looks because of several reasons; many teens are after their out-look appearance in order to make a statement among his or her peers. Some use clothing to make a personal statement about their style, financial status or even their taste of cloths and accessories. By dressing in a particular way will express their personalities and preference. To wear items that are outside these boundaries make them feel as if they have also changed their personalities. Fashion is like a brand in which most of these young people would like to be identified with. To them being identified by a certain kind of trendy look makes they stand out as exceptional and confidence in themselves and the decision they make. Also, some of the young generation population are more keen on what they wear feeling that it wo... ... middle of paper ... ...neration identifies with. The modern society has come to embrace the modern trendy and this makes the youths or the young generation, mind a lot about their look. Due to the self respect that the young generation holds, they need to moderate on the concerns that they have over their look. Works Cited Wells, T. (2011). Chasing youth culture and getting it right: How your business can profit by tapping into today's most powerful trendsetters and tastemakers. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons. Chua, B. H., & Iwabuchi, K. (2008). East Asian pop culture: Analysing the Korean wave. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. Conger, J. J. (1991). Adolescence and youth: Psychological development in a changing world. New York, NY: HarperCollins. Cosby, B. H. (2012). Giving up gimmicks: Reclaiming youth ministry from an entertainment culture. Phillipsburg, N.J: P&R Pub.
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