Implications Of Social Work

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There are many implications that Social Workers who work at the marco level face. The first is ‘Red Tape’ at the marco level social workers must often deal with the issue of bureaucracy in organization and sometimes in the community. Workers find all kind of creative ways to manage get around the implications they face. These include excessive paperwork that is mandatory by the government to access funding or to make a change in policy, having to obtain approval from a number of agencies to carry out some activities within the community. This can deter social workers who want to focus more of their energy on the issue at hand than trying to get around the red tape. For example our community project we as a group originally decided to go to a children home however because of the “Red Tape” and bureaucracy we was denied by the child care board and found the hospital where we did not experience much “Red Tape” to get around. The second implication is continuing education. At the marco-level social workers must ensure that they are a part of changes to policies, laws and other rules as they occur because it affects them in their practice. This can be time and labor demanding for social workers at the marco level whose schedules are already stretched to the limit. Therefore social workers need to be informed of legislative changes that may affect the availability of community and social resources. For example due to the economic challenges that the government of Barbados face they have limited the amount of toiletries they send to the hospital. Therefore the rest is donated by different social clubs within Barbados. The Third implication is Time. When working with a community it can be time consuming which is an implication to social... ... middle of paper ... skills they can visit their families more often. Another role coming out of education is the role of being a counselor, helping clients to learn to cope with the problematic situations. For example we wanted to start a support group for the parents who children were disabled. However the members of the group were not really qualified in disability studies. However a social worker who is trained in the field of disability studies can facilitate the group process. Bibliography Miller, Ashley. Chron. 2014. (accessed 03 10, 2014). Netting, F. Ellen, Peter M Kettner, and Steven L McMurtry. Social Work Marco Practice. Boston : Pearson Education Inc, 2008. Sheafor, Bradford W, and Charles R Horejsi. Techniques and Guidelines for Social Work Practice. Boston: Pearson Education Inc, 2006.
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