Implications Of Psychological Contract

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The Implication and Function of the Psychological Contract
The concept of psychological contract first emerged in the 1960s. Other than traditional micro-organizational behavior research, it takes into consideration the value that workers lay upon the status quo and any potential change in future work settings which they consider would generate adverse situations to them. Also, it tells us that the mutual obligations perceived by individual employees are not always consistent with the one sensed by the employers (Rousseau, 1998). Usually, within a typical enterprise, the psychological contract may contain such things as the employee commitment level, job satisfaction and the quality of working conditons. In a research by Herriot, P., Manning, W. E. G., & Kidd, J. M. (1997), the range of psychological contract includes but is not limited to:
 Training. Providing sufficient instruction and induction.
 Fairness. Guaranteeing objectivity in performance appraisal, promotion as well as redundancy procedures.
 Humanity. Treating the employees in a socially responsible and helpful way.
 ...

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