Implications Of Food Justice: The Importance Of Food Justice

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The second module focuses on the importance of obtaining food justice in order to understand how changes need to be made within the global food system. In order to have food justice present, individuals need to focus on concepts such as food security and food sovereignty to examine the deeper problems embedded within our society. For instance, this module has presented how the terminology of words can create certain limitations on trying to achieve change. In both Pinstrup (2009) and Maxwell’s (1996) articles they explore the term food security and the different ways this term can be viewed. Maxwell (1996) explores three different shifts in thinking about food security and the problems that come about with this thinking. I believe it is important…show more content…
For instance, it is relatively important to realize that food justice “ is an analysis that recognizes the food system itself as a racial project and problematizes the influence of race and class on the production, distribution and consumption of food.” (Alkon& Agyeman, 2011, p.5). Having considered these aspects, it is important to realize the change that needs to be set into place in order to make food justice possible. Reflecting on the frameworks that Holt and Shattuck (2011) provide we are able to get a greater understanding on which frameworks are more idealistic to obtain food justice. For instance, I believe that exploring a reformist trend to approach food problems takes into consideration changes that need to be made on a governmental level. It recognizes the need to change the way distribution takes place, which can also be related to the radical trend they mention. Although I personally do not have the answer as to which trend can create more beneficial changes, I think that if we are able to start with small changes to polices and practices already present we can combine both of these trends to benefit consumer

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