Implementation Of Transition Into The Nursing Practice

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As new nursing graduates begin the process of transition into the nursing practice. There are many challenges and issues which are associated throughout the transition. New graduates may embark their journey through a graduate program or seek employment solo. The transition period may consist of challenges, that students will encounter during their journey. This essay will identify, discuss and critically reflect nursing key challenges that student nurses may face, throughout the process of the transition phase. The nursing key challenges chosen for this essay include professionalism, preparation, personal factors, competency factors, patient- centered care and job satisfaction. These nursing challenges will be thoroughly discussed and supported by current evidenced based research and nursing literature. Transition is defined as a process or period of change from one state or condition to another (Oxford, 2016). In relation to nursing students, it is also defined as students transitioning from one program to another (Oxford, 2016). It is essential that nursing students are cohesively prepared and ready to commence the next journey of their careers. As nursing students begin to prepare themselves for the transition, such preparation occurs over the duration of studies. In depth, theoretical knowledge, practical skills and clinical placements have occurred and beyond. Research has found the initial 12-month period of transition to professional practice is incorporated by both a personal and professional journey (Duchscher, 2008). This essay will now identify and discuss challenges that encounter on a personal and professional manner. Recent studies have shown that student registered nurses and newly graduates will individually f... ... middle of paper ... ...aduates stating they are not entirely satisfied with their transition program. This feedback and mixed reviews sends controversial messages to soon to be gradates. Current nursing literature has found that In conclusion, this paper has covered areas of challenges such as personal and professional factors, preparation and mock interviewing, stress factors and competency. These areas were identified and discussed thoroughly, to recognise and help understand what student nurses may come across their transition period of nursing practice. These challenges are subject to each individual. However, may impact the many student’s abilities to successfully succeed now and during their nursing careers. This essay has also found that many students will overcome these challenges with support from peers and clinical facilitators, nursing educator’s and nursing staff.

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