Implementation Of Electronic Health Records (EHR)?

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The healthcare industry has become one of the rapidly growing industries in the world. The healthcare industry has witnessed various developments in the past two decades. CT-Scan, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and laser technology are some of the modern technologies that are developed in the recent two decades. In additions to this, innovation and development in the field of the healthcare industry have facilitated doctors in treating the illness of patients (Jerome, 2008). Amongst all developments and inventions, electronic health record can be considered as an important tool in managing the records of patients. An electronic health record can be described as the collection of electronic health information about patients.
These kinds of records are formatted electronically and can be shared across different healthcare institutions. The health record of patients can remain secured under the electronic health records. Electronic health records may include a series of data that consist of medical history, allergies, radiology images, test results of laboratory, medication and personal statistics such as weight, age and other information related to billing (Busch, 2008). The essay addresses the proposal of implementing electronic health records (EHR) for all Americans. Further, the essay addresses the issues and problems related to EHR. The benefits and drawbacks of electronic health records are also analyzed in the essay. Apart from this, recommendations regarding the proper implementation of electronic health record for all Americans are also provided in the essay. In the end, a conclusion is provided that summarizes the whole findings of the essay.
Issues and challenges of Electronic health records

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...e vulnerable to hacking and crashes (Walker, Bieber, Richards and Buckley, 2006). Hence, the software of the technology should be designed in a complex manner so that hacking of personal data becomes complicated.
The essay has been conducted to present a proposal of implementing electronic health records for the patients in America. The essay has focused on the issues and challenges of the technology. In addition to this, the essay has also provided recommendations that can be considered for the effective implementation of the proposal. The adoption of electronic health record is quite costly; in addition to this, the technology is also vulnerable to hacking and crashing. With proper care, this technology should be adopted by healthcare institutions of America. This technology will help in proper management of patient’s database and history of treatment.
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