Imperialism and Greed

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Imperialism became popular in the 18th century as Europeans began wandering into Africa, discovering many raw materials that could most certainly be beneficial to their country’s industries and economy. So, the scramble for Africa began. Countries desired their land to improve their economics by increasing supply of raw materials and also by geopolitics and more strategic location and transportation. Countries also wanted colonies to improve their reputation as a world power. This increased nationalism in many countries. Wealth and nationalism, two of the main causes of imperialism, were based off of greed and ambition for the strongest, largest empire. The strive for wealth was one of the factors of the spread of imperialism. After an abundance of raw materials was found in Africa, many countries began scrambling for land to create an empire. Many of these countries were industrialized, such as Britain, Germany, and France. Because of their industries and factories, they needed more resources and raw materials. They took over lands in Africa to supply their countries with material...
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